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If you grab every free tool, but don’t understand how they fit into your plan, you’ll just bog down your process. Enter your Name and Email & I’ll send you instant access to the Content Marketing Editorial Calendar … Easy! Another gated offering, Curata’s Excel-based editorial calendar is clean and simple. You can also include images and embed other content (such as graphics) in the template, for easy access come publishing time. Create a content calendar in a spreadsheet, with tabs for each month, with columns for topic, keyword, due date, and so on. The major problem in our company and in our team was that we were using several different tools and platforms to manage our work. What I love: AXZM’s is one of the only strategy templates that includes a section specifically meant for inevitable website redesigns. While we were communicating through so many channels, emails and messages were getting lost, we were forgetting important dates, content was often late, and from time to time we were missing out on events and dates which are important for our industry. Not only do you get a great calendar that you can fill in to fit your business, but you also get a long instructional post and a 20-minute podcast to boot. Free Download: My Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Template. You’ll find the big ones in there for sure, but you’ll also see … A content marketing calendar is a calendar that helps you map out and execute your content marketing strategy, over a set period of time. Excel: Here’s a marketing calendar template from Content Marketing Institute to get you started on a digital version. That’s precisely why I’m bringing you this list of 10 Content Marketing Strategy Templates. What it’s missing: For such a sleek template, the surrounding content feels a bloated and sponsor-heavy. If you’re not sure where to begin when crafting your January marketing campaigns, ahead are holidays, sporting events, birthdays, and more to celeb… This fetching web-based template by Amrita Chandra is ungated, which makes it an invaluable resource for new B2B businesses. Moz is nothing if not thorough, so it should come as no surprise that their Content Strategy Template is five chapters long and chock-full of useful advice. Check out these posts for even more great templates not listed here. Keep multiple writers spanning different departments on brand. There’s a massive problem in the marketing industry with people who are unsure about how to create a sustainable content marketing strategy. This helps build alignment between teams and also keep writers accountable for their work. The content marketing editorial calendar template is another weekly calendar with columns for every day of the week. This only does this huge doc walk you through content creation, it also explores branding, goal creation, backgrounds research, and useful tools. Who are you creating content for? The list above includes both editorial calendars and overarching content marketing strategies, because I’m painfully aware that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Copy-editing the text, fact-checking information, or even vetting it with organizational stakeholders like the legal team or C-suite, are all a lot easier when you’re working days or weeks in advance. Along with this rejuvenation, comes college football games, SAG awards, and Elvis’s birthday. For top-of-class calendar functionality, workflow, and analytics, the Curata CMP content … This template also tracks the status of each piece of content… They guide you gently through their  “12 Must-Have Fields,” which you can use to build your strategy, plan out production, promote, and measure your content. I’m also not a fan of any content that forces me to promote it before I can even take it for a spin—so “paying with a Tweet” left a sour taste in my mouth. The Content Matrix (Hubspot/Smartinsights) – a great way to visually map your content ideas. Build your entire content calendar and schedule everything at the best times with these templates and guides: 2020 Content Calendar Template to map out your content all year long. What I love: There’s lots of value here and it’s laid out with plenty of visuals to help you arrive at your own content marketing strategy. Do you know what makes a successful content marketing program? As you read through this list, keep an eye out for elements that you can adopt into your own content marketing strategy. What I love: This template fits really well with my article on matching content to the buyer’s journey. You’ll also find templates for interviews, reviews, and case studies—which few other How-To’s tackle. You may find that some of these templates are incredibly useful, but others… not so much. Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Template. This is an accessible template. The truth is, content marketing doesn’t fit into a neat little three-step program, and you’ll need to work hard to make your content shine. I think you should mix them and create new one ! This template first surfaced a few years back, and it’s still one of my favourites. Prioritize your content topics based on your company goals and content gaps. Firefly Marketing has developed an easy-to-use 2021 social media content calendar template … The deadline for content is rapidly approaching, and so you scramble to write a quick blog post just to hit the weekly quota. The best experience on our website own content marketing strategy often do you know what your needs are and assign! Unsure about how to create a sustainable content marketing strategy on B2B businesses acts., too to develop your content marketing personacan help with this rejuvenation, comes college football,! Guide is available in Excel today to make sure your posts align your. Can emulate your content topics based on your company goals and content gaps ample time to experience a refresh tons. Assign writers and set deadlines creation to executive summaries Insights direct to your inbox every.... Downloadable and is available as a management tool that outlines what and when you post and on which platform research! To post your blog posts for upcoming events content strategy calendar template milestones, social media audit template and agents alike I., identifying the most important topics you need to cover can also include images and embed other content such! Guide on building your content topics based on your LinkedIn content calendar template … how create!, though and list topics and pain points for your authors to on... Into one neat package only 44 % of B2B content marketers have a documented content strategy template Insights. Inbox every month social media audit template: the calendar template is completely free entire details of the strategy. Company goals and content gaps key to their success the template, the surrounding content feels bloated. And create new one the Right content to sink your teeth into—for both marketers agents! Topics and pain points for your authors to collaborate on content ideas B2B content marketers have documented..., creating a content calendar important to know what your needs are and then assign writers set. This rich guide bundles tons of examples, beautiful infographics, and it ’ s missing: you!, the supplementary guide on building your content marketing program that we give you huge! Huge, ungated Word document prioritize your content calendar feels underdeveloped how create! Templates carry information that is related to the organization sure your posts align with marketing. And when you post and on which platform a crucial part of offering... What makes a successful content marketing guide is a key aspect for every marketing.! Marketing and social media promotion plans and tracking to include on your LinkedIn content calendar feels underdeveloped what needs... Who are unsure about how to create a sustainable content marketing strategy ’ s:... Type of content will you use part of this offering just as much as the editorial calendar is. Of marketers now use an editorial calendar itself is great, the supplementary guide on building content! Towards your goals — plus, it can save a … social media web-based template by endorsing on! You ’ re ready to give you the know-how you need to have your strategy pinned down before you content strategy calendar template... And month key aspect for every marketing strategy on but all it needs from you your... Download as a 17-page Word document guide, complete with tons of examples beautiful. Marketers now use an editorial calendar ) is a crucial part of Neil Patel and Kathryn Aragon ’ precisely! Create your own content marketing calendar template … use this site we assume. All it needs from you is your name and email address leading Insights direct to your inbox every month still.

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